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Our expertise at West Born Coaching Centre is creating thorough English training programs that are tailored precisely as per the needs of our corporate clients.

Welcome to Westborn Academy

“Welcome to Westborn, your premier destination for English Communication Development and professional language courses. Since our inception in 2021, we have been dedicated to providing top-quality education to students worldwide.”

At Westborn, we specialize in a wide range of professional English courses designed to enhance your communication skills and proficiency. Whether you’re looking to improve your English for professional advancement or personal growth, we have the courses tailored to meet your needs. Our team of expert educators is committed to guiding you through your learning journey with personalized attention and support.

One of the unique aspects of Westborn is our online teaching platform via Zoom, allowing students to access our courses from anywhere in the world. With staff located in England, Delhi, and Bangalore, we offer flexible scheduling to accommodate learners in different time zones. Our classes run from IST 9.30 AM to IST 10.30 PM, ensuring accessibility for students globally.

About West Born Academy

Our mission is dedicated to delivering top-tier training, enabling individuals to realize their fullest potential, cultivate profound insights into client needs, and consistently receive courteous and expert service.

Our curriculum caters to students spanning from novice to advanced proficiency levels. We provide comprehensive English programs tailored for various purposes, including general language enhancement with structured skill development and engaging conversational practice, academic English, and specialized English courses.

Prospective students are required to exhibit at least a beginner level of proficiency to enroll in these group classes.

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    Courses Introduction

    With a focus on providing unparalleled quality and personalized instruction, our mission is to guide learners of all levels towards fluency and cultural understanding. Our team of highly qualified instructors is committed to delivering exemplary service, ensuring a supportive and enriching learning environment for all students. As we introduce our range of courses, we assure that each program is designed to cater to diverse needs and proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced. With a steadfast dedication to fostering an environment of academic rigor and intellectual growth, we invite individuals to explore the following courses available at our institution:

    Courses We Assist


    1. Ministry of Health – MOH
    2. Saudi Nursing Licensure Examination – SNLE
    3. Oman Medical Specialty Board – OMSB
    4. Department of Health Abu Dhabi – DOH (Previously known as HAAD)
    5. Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners – QCHP
    6. National Health Regulatory Authority – NHRA
    7. Dubai Health Authority – DHA




    Coaching Centre

    Who should take these courses?

    In addition to English courses, we also offer comprehensive German language classes ranging from A1 to C2 levels. Our goal is to equip students with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their exams and professional endeavors.

    Westborn is proud to extend our coaching services to a diverse range of students, from blue-collar workers to white-collar professionals. We provide targeted guidance and support to help you succeed in your respective fields.

    Looking ahead, we are excited to expand our language offerings to include Italian, Dutch, and other European languages, catering to the growing demand for language proficiency in an increasingly interconnected world.

    For students seeking training for certification exams, Westborn offers coaching for various exams such as IELTS, OET and PTE. We also provide the required assistance for licensure and certification exams like DHA, MOH, DOH, SNLE, OMSB, QCHP and NHRA.

    Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a student, or a working individual, Westborn has the resources and expertise to support your language learning goals. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and start your journey towards fluency and success.

    For labours, we offer specialized courses spanning 60 to 90 hours, tailored to meet the unique needs of this demographic.

    Get in touch with us through our Contact page and embark on your language learning journey with Westborn today!

    Online Training

    Our English Language Learning programs focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Learn about culture and take part in activities that help you live and work in other countries.

    We are aware that each business has unique needs in terms of employee training. Your team’s needs will be thoroughly analyzed by our qualified instructors, who will work directly with you to develop a specialized training program that is in accordance with your organizational objectives.

    Our training programs are created to satisfy the unique linguistic needs of a variety of industries, such as the medical sector, finance, technology, and many others. We employ industry-specific vocabulary, scenarios, and case studies to make sure that our content is appropriate in a practical sense.

    In the International english program, you’ll learn listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This program is certified by the Languages Canada Quality Assurance Scheme.

    You will get:
    • Small, interactive classes
    • Experienced teachers
    • Flexible course options
    • Workplace skills
    • Flexible registration, from four months to one year

    Our training sessions are designed to be dynamic and interesting in order to encourage participation and the use of language abilities in practical contexts. We employ a variety of teaching techniques, such as group work, role plays, dialogues, and simulations of real-world scenarios, to create an engaging learning environment.

    Choose one of our English study abroad programs and discover a new culture

    Online Education

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